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Our current instructors are…

Ron Powell:  “Beginning Guitar Workshop” Saturday 10 AM.  $10

If you’ve ever wanted to play and learn more about the guitar this is an opportunity for you. We’ve got the guitars and picks courtesy of the Toe River Arts TAPS program. In this workshop, you will cover a number of aspects including: The parts of the guitar ,the numbers of the strings and tuning, how to hold a pick, how to strum the guitar, three basic chords to accompany countless songs and learn to play the chords of “My Home is Across the Blue Ridge Mountains”. Open to all ages.

Jay Lichty: ” Introduction to the Ukulele”  Saturday Afternoon ~ 1PM:  $10

What a fun workshop this will be for all ages! Jay is not only our Host Luthier, but a gifted craftsmen who also builds ukuleles right here in North Carolina. Bring your Uke or we will have some that you may borrow for the workshop. Open to all ages.

Robert Anderson: “Engraving”    $20             Saturday 2PM

Learn about the fine craft of Engraving.  Covering tools, importance of light, pattern sketching, inking and use of sandpaper.   See some of his amazing work at his booth!

Mark Langner:  “Making Your Guitar Swing”  $20  Saturday ~ 3PM!

In this workshop I will introduce you to the basics of Swing rhythm style on guitar. Swing guitar is based on two foundations:

* Two simple rhythmic strumming techniques, and * A system of simple, four-note, movable chords.

I will teach you four basic swing chords. But they are far more than that. These chords can be moved up and down the fretboard, so for each chord I show you, you are actually learning 12 chords. And, through some musical magic I will explain, some of these chords are actually two different chords! So I will teach you four fingering positions, and you will walk out of this workshop with 72 new chords!

Brad Nickerson: “Instrument Setup”  $25   Sunday Noon

Things to look for beyond the scope of “setup”:   * needs a neck reset     *excessive relief, needs the neck straightened     *excessive fret wear, loose or uneven frets  *bridge lifting  *rising fingerboard extension.

Setup tasks:  (these would be tasks the guitar owner could perform him or herself)   *adjust truss rod     *adjust action at the saddle  *lower string notches at the nut   *light fret dressing