Jay Lichty ~ Host Luthier~ Tryon, NC
Jay crafts each Lichty guitar and ukulele from start to finish in his small luthier shop in the foothills of the Western NC mountains. He has completed over 200 instruments (about 1/2 guitars and 1/2 ukuleles) which have shipped worldwide, from California to Australia, from Kazakhstan to Nashville…

Ken & Virginia Miller

Ken & Virginia Miller – Warne,  NC

Ken Miller started his building career in 1962 when his guitar needed repairs and he fixed it himself. Soon other people were bringing their instruments to him to repair. In the early 70’s he spent several years working at Guild Guitars in Westerly, Rhode Island in a variety of positions . In the following years Ken focused mostly on repairs while managing to build one to four instruments per year. With his wife, Virginia, designing and cutting inlays, Ken was a full time luthier from 1999 to 2015.  They will be showing high quality woods.


Chuck Morrison
Chuck Morrison – C.F. Morrison Guitars Naturally Acoustics ~ Burnsville, NC

Chuck Morrison has been building musical instruments since 1974 and was the originator of the Flatiron Mandolin, the Fortune acoustic guitar and Zephyr classical guitar. He has built instruments in Colorado, Montana and Vermont.  Chuck is represented by Naturally Acoustics of Burnsville, NC.“… That striped ebony steel string really blew me away! It had such a big, rich sound on the bass strings, but it’s got a body the size of a classical. You’ve got a gerbil in a wheel powering a subwoofer inside the thing, right?


Eddie Blevins Mandolin Works – Bloutville, TN

I have been in love with the mandolin for a long time, never dreaming that one day I would make the leap into building my own line of custom instruments that would bear my name.
All of my instruments are built by hand, in my one-man shop.  Starting with some of the finest quality tonewoods available, each piece is painstakingly cut, glued, carved, filed and sanded until it emerges in the end as a finely crafted instrument. 
Why do I build mandolins?  I guess the real questions is ‘why didn’t I start sooner?’

  Bob Gramann – Fredericksburg, VA.

What began as an experiment has become an obsession. I’ve been playing guitar for over 50 years and built my first guitar in 1992. It’s about the sound. My goal in building is a rich, full sound that is loud enough for performances without amplification.  While I still build an occasional instrument with back and sides of tropical wood, I prefer the great woods that grow on this continent.